the day we meet
i have never know what sense i feel now

but in once in my life time
i found someone that connect from heart to heart

you shine like a star when you were here with me
but those time will never come back

the day you left with the word of leaving
i dont think i can accept this mournful heart

i’m here trapped in my nightmare
i want to go out from this nightmare
but i cant, ’cause i always in your shadow

please give me one chance to prove how much i love you
i want to roll back that time
when i always on your side

i want that time come back
so i can prove how much i love you
please make that time for me

i cant tell you the truth
cause i never want to make you sad
if you know the truth, maybe we will have a different fate

if you can hear my heart voice
you will know how much i love you
but you cant hear my voice

i want you to know this secret
i keep this secret for a long time
but will you keep be my friend
when you know the truth…

by: E.


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