Seize The Day

live each day as if it were your last
i tell you dear friend, time is running so fast.
all of us would one day return to dust.
i know it’s hard to accept but we must.

tell the people you love about the way you feel.
give them a hug and show them love that is real.
say sorry to those you offended so wounds would be heal.
accepting you fault isn’t a really big deal.

do it now and don’t tarry lest it to late.
sometimes it’s not wise for the right time to wait.
because you plans could be ruined by fate.
if you do it now you would be feel really great.

smell the pretty flowers, listen to birds singing so gay.
enjoy the beauty of nature give yourself tie to play.
remember on this earth we cant forever stay.
so i tell you now is the time, go ahead and SEIZE THE DAY

by: E


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